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Here, there and all over the world!

Since 1982 Eran Private Investigations has been satisfying clients in Israel and around the world with high quality Detective work using only the very best Private Investigators. Eran meets the needs of its clients promptly, discreetly and completely in all areas of investigation.

Our clients deserve and receive our total loyalty and attention and we provide them with a wide array of services:

Companies and Businesses

We not only investigate all kinds of fraud and embezzlement – we also create, design and help you to implement methods of preventing recurrences of system break-ins, industrial espionage and sabotage of all sorts.

Business Intelligence

How valuable would it be to you to have specific information and data on targeted companies, businesses and organizations? We will legally obtain that intelligence information for you and assist in applying what we learned.

Due Diligence - Background Screening

We can provide a full background picture regarding integrity, credibility and stability of a subject whether corporate or private. As with all our services we will do this skillfully, adroitly and cautiously, always with the utmost discretion and efficiency.

Asset location

We trace and locate assets and resources of persons, companies and organizations.

Personal Investigations

Adroit and dexterous handling insearching out and delivering the precise information you specify regarding all types of personal matters.

Surveillance and Observation

Prudent and street smart work doneby undercover agents and with most advanced surveillance hardware equipment. We can install visible and concealed video cameras, control systems and more.


Eran will be pleased to provide well trained and licensed investigators and bodyguards, all with military or government background, and all with short notice.

Computer and Internet Investigations

Need a geek? We can reconstruct and document actions done in computer network systems. Our tracing skills are legendary – we find out who broke into your systems and locate data stolen or copied by unauthorized individuals.


Collecting and collating proof of violationsof copyrights, parents and trademarks to ease the job of the attorney prosecuting your case.

Debugging Services

We can supply you with technological check-ups to uncover and prevent the presence of listening devices.

About us

Jacob Ofirthe Managing Director of ERAN Private Investigations, is the official Israeli representative of the World Association of Detectives (“WAD”) inIsrael. In addition, he serves as a WAD Ambassador and is a member of its board of directors. With over 1,000 members in more than 100 countries, WAD is the largest and most extensive international organization in the area of Private Investigations in the world.

World Association of Detectives logo
International Federation of Association Private detectives logo
יקי אופיר - ערן חקירות

Jacob Ofir

Managing Director

ERAN is licensed by the Ministry of Justice in Israel and is a member of the following organizations:
I.B.P.I – The Israel Bureau of Private Investigators.
W.A.D – World Associate of Detectives.
I.K.D – International Federation of Association Private detectives.

Contact us

For more than 30 years Eran has been active in both the corporate and private sectors in all areas where a Private Investigator or Private Detective can assist. Eran can supply your needs on the highest level whether inside Israel or outside.

Jacob Ofir and Eran Investigations team


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